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TALE NO. 2 excerpt by Head Heart & Tales

Some say she was of French nobility. Others tell tales of her exploits as an apprentice in the stills of Switzerland. Many speculate she was a muse to artists and revolutionaries. The particulars of her past notwithstanding, one thing everyone could agree on was that the influence of the Jezebel was limitless. Having secured the secrets of the Other Brothers vodka, she infused it with her own to create The Jezebel Absinthe.

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ABOUT: The Jezebel Absinthe

A marriage of European spirit and Australian produce, turning ancient knowledge and modern principles into an intoxicating elixir. Created from a single batch and infused with the Jezebels alchemy and eight botanicals.

The Jezebel Absinthe

700 mL bottle 65% ALC / Vol

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TALE NO. 1 excerpt by Head Heart & Tales

It wasnt the brother you had to watch out for, it was the Other Brother. If ones prospects are decided by the toss of a coin, the Other Brother was the one holding the trick shilling. The black sheep of the family, he was also a visionary. Using the distribution network of the Doney bakeries, this restless rebel smuggled his bootlegged vodka across colony and country, rewriting his familys story along the way.

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ABOUT: The Other Brother

Our spirited Australian vodka. Inspired by a proud family history, distilled locally with clear Victorian spring water, and distinctive grains harvested from the Australian wheatbelt. The Other Brother is the base spirit for our Jezebel Absinthe, providing the ideal foundation for her enigmatic botanical blend.


ABOUT: Head Heart & Tales Distilling Co.

A family story born in the wheatfields of Western Australia and proudly made in Victoria, Head Heart & Tales honours age-old principles with the finest of ingredients. Following the time-worn recipe of the Jezebel, eight botanical extracts have been sourced, grown and expertly blended. During the distillation process, the head and the tail of the spirit are removed, leaving only the heart to be bottled and labelled with care. This precision and passion will carry through into every pour, inspiring and inciting many more tales.


NO. 1 The Traditional Method

NO. 2 Death in the Afternoon

NO. 3 The Sazerac



The Jezebel Absinthe

700 mL bottle
$130.00 AUD

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